Wellth (Wellness) Counseling

with Glen Alex, 3x Award-Winning Author of Living In Total Health
 and host of the 2x Award-Winning The Glen Alex Show.
Experiencing depression, anxiety, grief, relationship issues, poor boundaries,
or low self-confidence/esteem/worth?
Glen can help!
Her transformative mission is for
you to be joyful, connected, confident, and complete,
the life experience we call
“Wellth”–health plus the other riches in life.

Glen is an expert in boundaries, anxiety, depression, stress, relationships and more, and can help you successfully navigate stress and life challenges.

Living In Total Health is a skill set that integrates your wholeness. You are a physical, mental, emotional, and spiritual being and each aspect plays a huge part in overall health.

Glen Alex, author of Living in Total Health, uses her skills and knowledge to teach you life skills while also drawing out your own innate wisdom, skills, and ability to become joyful, connected, confident, and complete–wellthy.

Glen Alex, Clinical Social Worker, Wellth Counseling, Living In Total Health, Author, Host of The Glen Alex Show, Indie Book Award Winner, Book Excellence Award Winner, Positive Change Podcast Award Winner

If you’re ready to learn new skills for living in total health,
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Free consultations with Glen are 20-minutes long.

Client Reviews

Glen is by far the best therapist I have had. She continually adapts her sessions to help guide me through whatever I in life whether it’s related to work, school, or my family. I’m always excited for my sessions with her because I am continuing to learn about myself and feel closer to the person I want to become each session. 
–Payton M.

Because of you, I’ve gained a better understanding of myself and how some of my thoughts and actions have impacted my life from a holistic point of view. I did an inventory of what works in my life and what doesn’t and realized that many of my health-related anxieties are because of my negative thinking patterns and emotional reasoning.
–Kelly C.

Glen is best listener I know, she’s very passionate and very thorough about my health!!
–Larry D.

[Glen] has an inherent understanding of
psychological issues and interpersonal dynamics.
–I. Harrison Evans, M.D.