Learn How to Set and Maintain Healthy Boundaries
Remove Barriers to Your Health and Happiness

by Glen Alex, Award-Winning Author of Living In Total Health
Winner of the 2021 Indie Book Award!

How Secure Are Your Personal Boundaries?

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This Self-Paced Course Guides You to Set Loving Limits so You Can Experience Greater Happiness!

Do you have too much on your plate?

Are you Overwhelmed?

Is this causing other issues like lack of sleep, poor appetite or forgetting to eat, low energy, stress, restlessness?

There were times in my life when I had too much going on. I moved from project to project without eating or resting well which made me pretty lethargic all the time!

I learned a process to bring more balance into my world so I’m not stressed out anymore. I want to help guide you through that process.

So, I created the Healthy Boundaries for Overwhelmed Women’s course.

Importance of Healthy Boundaries

Healthy Boundaries are the foundation for your overall health and happiness.

Getting in touch with your Boundaries enables you to effectively communicate them to others.

Communicating your Boundaries is empowering and leads to health and happiness.

Healthy Boundaries for Overwhelmed Women by Glen Alex: Author, Clinical Social Worker, Las Vegas, NV

This online course well teach you:

    • Why boundaries are so important.
    • How to pay more attention to your internal personal alarm system.
    • How to recognize unhealthy boundaries in others.
    • How to shore up your own boundaries.
    • How to effectively communicate your boundaries to others.


    • Attract people who respect and honor you.
    • Bring balance to your life.
    • Experience greater joy, connection, confidence and completeness.
-Glen Alex, Course Author – Learn more about Glen.

Who Benefits from the Healthy Boundaries 4 Overwhelmed Women Course? 


Women who are stressed out

Women who are depressed

Healthy Boundaries for Overwhelmed Women
Course Overview

You will learn how to develop and maintain healthy boundaries with

Insights     ~     Examples     ~     Activities

Healthy Boundaries for Overwhelmed Women is designed to teach women, in particular, how to set and maintain healthy boundaries in order to reduce their stress levels. Too often, as a woman you allow yourself to take on too much, to spread yourself too thin, to feel unloved, and to skip on self-care.

The false premise for doing so is that women are supposed to “sacrifice” their needs for others. And unfortunately females are not taught healthy boundaries growing up. The reality is that poor boundaries lead to depression, anxiety, anger, overwhelm, and poor health.

The Healthy Boundaries for Overwhelmed Women course gives you a deep dive into the components of setting and maintaining appropriate boundaries to improve your health and reduce your stress.


Healthy Boundaries for Overwhelmed Women
Course Includes:

32 mins on-demand video
7 articles
9 downloadable resources
Access on mobile and TV
Certificate of completion
Bonus hardcover copy of “Living in Total Health” by Glen Alex