Sleep Hygiene

The Beauty of Sleep

Know when I feel the most beautiful? It is after a good night’s sleep. I awaken refreshed, with natural energy, with clarity, and with springs in my step. Being fully engaged in life because I slept well brings me joy. And what is more beautiful than joy?

Joy is an expression of our direct connection with the Creator, with God. So deep, restorative sleep for me is “the best thing since sliced bread!” I have made this statement many, many times over the years. Just as important as the direct connection, restorative sleep also improves overall health.

Sleep Hygiene

“Adequate rest provides a sense of strength, awareness, and focus.
Proper rest is also beneficial in maintaining and improving health because it provides
the wise body space to heal and the opportunity to add quality to life.
Good rest involves deep restorative sleep and downtime, which can include
meditation or just sitting quietly and allowing stillness to take hold.”

–Glen Alex, Living In Total Health


Effects of Poor Sleep

On the contrary, without good sleep I drag myself through the day while attempting to appear ‘with it’ despite my fuzzy thinking. And at times, nervous energy (anxiety) emerges from sleep deprivation. There are many other negative consequences of poor sleep. Here are just a few:

    • Poor sleep raises inflammation levels in women
    • Sleep deprivation in children resembles symptoms of Attention Deficit Hyperactivity Disorder (ADHD)
    • The brain is unable to detox, as it normally removes neurological waste during sleep
    • Increased risk for high blood pressure, diabetes, and weakened immune system
    • Weight gain

Choosing Sleep

Lifestyle and habitual actions definitely impact sleep. Do you burn the candle at both ends? Are you of the mindset that you will ‘sleep when you’re dead’? Do you sacrifice sleep to do something only to please someone else? If yes to either question, then you can choose your lifestyle to allow for better, deeper sleep so you can function better and feel beautiful.

Use my REST UP method below to improve your sleep patterns. These tips are designed to prepare your mind and body for rest. Visit for more information. If you continue to experience sleep disturbance or deprivation, then please see your primary healthcare provider for an evaluation and treatment, if necessary.


Routine: Develop habits to perform as bedtime nears

–Some people relax after a warm bath or shower to deepen sleep


Exercise: Physical activity helps relieve the body of excess energy

–Regular exercise helps overall; some relax after yoga or a lite workout 1-2 hours before bedtime


Schedule: Have a regular sleep/wake schedule

–I plan to be in bed about the same time every night, and make sure my to-do’s are done before my winddown


Tech Off: Eliminate the use of technology in bed, it’s stimulating and promotes awakeness

–Do Not Disturb is set on my phone at 9pm so I am not tempted to answer it


Unwind: The winddown – after routine and tech off, settle in

–After stimulations end, I still need time to drift off to sleep and this is part of my schedule


Practices: Meditation, journaling, reading inspirational materials are powerful practices for many

–These practices are helpful as part of your sleep routine and throughout your day


Feel Beautiful with Sleep

Sleep is so very important to overall health. Deep, restorative sleep triggers your innate healing abilities and brings balance, mental clarity, natural energy, and joy to your existence. So make lifestyle choices that allow you to sleep well to be healthy and to feel beautiful.

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