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This course is a conversation with Glen Alex and her podcast guest on The Glen Alex Show, Amanda Blackwood who survived being trafficked. Their discussion addresses the various issues involved in trafficking, including personal experience, statistics, boundaries, and healing. The insight Social Workers gain from this course will enhance their understanding which will better enable them to facilitate effective change in clients and their healing process.. This course is approved by the State of Nevada Board of Examiners for Social Workers for 1 Continuing Education Unit. Approval #A-0524-05.

For Social Workers in other states, you can request special approval from your state board.

Course Objectives

  1. Learn the effects of Human Trafficking
  2. Learn how healthy boundaries can minimize victimization
  3. Understand how Human Trafficking occurs
  4. Understand the industries impacted by Human Trafficking
  5. Understand the victims’ healing process

    You will also learn about the myths and statistics of Human Trafficking.

Trafficked to Triumph Course Includes:

The Glen Alex Show Podcast Episode
(video and audio options)

Post Test
(80% to Pass)

Course Evaluation

Certificate of Completion
(1 Continuing Education Unit)

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